Do you want to learn a foreign language?

Imagine you can express yourself in your favourite country in a direct dialogue or even have more in-depth conversations or discussions in the national language. Gone are the days when you needed help from others for translations and encountered problems in everyday life. Learning a foreign language can literally change your life. Dealing with another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture.

We teach you GERMAN and ENGLISH

for traveling, to prepare for an exam or for a job interview. Your partner has a different nationality and you would like to learn a foreign language for this reason, we’ll help you. We are native speakers and we offer you well-structured lessons to learn your preferred language from scratch or to improve your existing language skills. The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable.

Course overview of the offered languages

In the BEGINNER course (A1-A2) you will learn: to read ✓ the first words in your preferred language, write ✓ and pronounce ✓! Here you will learn, for example, how to introduce yourself and other people, how to ask for directions or how to order food in a restaurant. You can even tell the waiter that your food should not be to spicy.

The CONVERSATIONAL course (B2-B2) focuses on: speaking ✓ listening ✓, understanding ✓ and expressing ✓! If, in addition to reading and writing, it is important for you to learn more about culture and its habits in conversations with locals, then this course is for you. Alongside the language you’ll get here also culture knowledge.

With the ADVANCED course (C1-C2) we address people who want to deepen and consolidate their language skills: communicate ✓, understand topics ✓ and discuss ✓! You already speak quite fluently and now you want to take the next step? In the third level you will also learn to understand and discuss deeper topics.

SPECIAL OFFER: Sponsor Partner Lesson

Do you want to learn together with a partner? Or Are you looking for a language learning solution for your team? Learning languages is a joyful thing, especially learning with partners. Our GROUP CLASSES with a professional tutor are more than worth their price. We offer GROUP CLASSES for up to 3 persons. This could be your partner, a friend or someone else.

2 partners pay 11 € each to learn a foreign language.

With our sponsor partner lesson we have set up a course that is aimed at those who enjoy learning with friends or acquaintances more than studying alone. You can book group classes for up to three people in each language level (Beginner, Conversational and Advanced).

The 3rd person learns FOR FREE.

Language learning is for everyone, not just young, rich, smart, privileged people. If you want to share the benefit of learning in a group with someone who want to learn, but don’t currently have the money to pay the regular prices, here’s an idea:

Book a group class and print one out

From time to time we receive requests from people seeking help in financing their courses. You can book a group class and we will take care of learning partners for you. It gives us pleasure to bring people together in this way no matter if it is one or two free places that you want to sponsor.





Price for 1 minute




19,25 € 

Price for 1 Minute 0.35€ / Person




99,90 € (2 Weeks)

Price for 1 Minute 0.30€ / Person




177,60 € (4 Weeks)

Price for 1 Minute 0.20€ / Person

Why do some people say they like learning foreign languages? However, if you want to venture beyond such places, to get to know the locals or if you plan to study at a foreign university, college or school, you’ll need a good knowledge of the local language. If you are not already learning a foreign language you should start right now.

EXTRA: Interview preparation

Preparing applicants for JOB INTERVIEWS is one of our specialty fields. In case you want to apply for a job abroad, we will work out your strengths and your key accomplishments to suit your job based on the job ad and practice presenting them.

You have these advantages with all lessons

✓ FREE trial class (for both, group & single lesson)

✓ You get well-structured lessons to learn your preferred language.

✓ Your language skills are the door opener to experience and understand more about the countries & people.

You will be able to talk to native speakers more quickly and get to know new interesting people.

You improve your bilingual relationship through improved communication.

✓ You make yourself more valuable through an additional qualification and improve your career opportunities.

✓ It is easier for you to find work abroad. As an EXTRA you can book us to support your application process.

✓ You have a better position in price negotiations and do not pay overpriced “tourist prices”.

✓ You can read the local numbers and can insist on the advertised prices in the shop and save money.

✓ You understand what is said on television and you can watch news, movies or series.

✓ You understanding newspapers and can start reading simple books in the foreign language.

✓ Numerous scientific studies have shown that learning a foreign language keeps the brain fit.

✓ Creativity is increased with the study of foreign languages. 

✓ You can use your language skills in different situations and ask for directions.

Feedback from our students

I bought this gig to practice German with a native speaker. Seller definitely help me achieve my goal, which was to practice German. Teacher is knowledgeable about both grammar and German history. I can see that there would always be something I could learn. Highly recommendable.

Reed / Chile

…oder so etwas wie das hier:

Everything perfect! Accurate during lessons. Very helpful and patient with a sence of humor. Thank you for your time!

Klaudiaho / Polen

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